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These Terms of Use regulate the use of the software (hereinafter "The Software") owned by "AboutHire", by any individual and/or organization (hereinafter "The User"). Any update and/or modification to The Software will also be subject to these Terms.

The User confirms the acceptance of these Terms by simply using The Software. If the User does not accept or understand these Terms, they must refrain from using The Software.

Users must be, at least, 18-years-old to use The Software.

Description of AboutHire Services

The Software is intended to improve and simplify hiring processes by providing a platform for The User to conduct asynchronous video interviews with candidates and evaluate their suitability. The content and behavior of both The User and the candidates within AboutHire are the responsibility of The User.

In order for The User to have access to The Platform, they must provide a username and a password which is The User’s responsibility to safeguard.

The User understands that these Terms only grant a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use The Software and does not constitute its sale, nor the right to alter, fix, add or upgrade The Software in any way.

In the same way, The User does not have the right to attempt to discover the source code, underlying structure, algorithms or know-how of The Software.


In order for The User to have the right of use of The Software, they must pay the fee stipulated in the order confirmation, which will grant them access to AboutHire services for a determined period of time. After the termination of this period of time, The User will not be able to publish new jobs, unless the right of use is renewed.

AboutHire is entitled to modify the stipulated fees or introduce new pricing models at any time, prior notification to The Users, giving them sufficient time to cancel the service. These modifications must become effective at the end of the then-current period of time.

Intellectual property rights

The Software, its source code, design and any other elements related to AboutHire are copyrighted.

The following actions are strictly prohibited in relation to the use of the technology and services provided by AboutHire:

-  Attempting to bypass any security features that have been put in place to restrict the usage of the site or trying to get around restrictions on copying content

- Interfering with or compromising the systems, server security, or transmissions of AboutHire

- Using robots, spiders, scrapers, or similar mechanisms on the site without obtaining written permission

- Copying, distributing, or otherwise using any information found on AboutHire, whether directly or through third parties, without obtaining consent (scraping is not allowed)

- Collecting or using identifiable information, including account names

- Overwhelming the site with an unreasonable or large amount of information

- Introducing malware or any other code or viruses that could harm AboutHire, its customers, or its services

- Accessing the services provided by AboutHire through any technology other than its interface

- Framing or linking to the services without obtaining written permission

- Using the services provided by AboutHire to build a similar service, identify or poach its users, or publish any performance or benchmark analysis relating to the site

- Reverse engineering, deciphering, modifying, or taking source code from AboutHire's site that is not open source without obtaining written permission.

Any violation of these prohibitions may result in immediate termination of the user's account and potential legal consequences.


In the case that The User contravenes the stipulations in these Terms of Use, they undertake to pay a contractual penalty in the amount corresponding to 12 months of the fee stipulated in the order confirmation. Furthermore, AboutHire holds the right to demand compensation of damage in the extent that it exceeds the aforementioned penalty.

The User waives their right to file any claims or hold AboutHire liable in relation to errors in The Software or any inconvenience that could result from using it.

AboutHire does not guarantee that The Software will:

- Meet all of The User's needs

- Function completely without errors; or

- Be compatible with all equipment and software configurations.

AboutHire's contractual liability will be limited only to direct material damage caused to The User and will not exceed, in any case, the fee payable by The User within one year.

Misleading or fraudulent way

According to the policies of AboutHire, users are prohibited from engaging in any acts of misrepresentation or fraudulence, including but not limited to:

- Making false statements about their experience, skills, or professional qualifications

- Falsely attributing any part of another user's profile or identity as their own

- Using a profile picture that misrepresents their identity or is not a true likeness of themselves

- Falsely claiming or implying any connection to a person or organization, including AboutHire

Any user found in violation of this policy may face immediate termination of their account and potential legal consequences.

Validity and Termination

These Terms are binding from the moment The User enters the platform and are valid until the date stipulated in the order confirmation. Earlier cancellation is possible upon the consensual agreement between AboutHire and The User.

AboutHire is entitled to suspend or cancel The User's right of use of The Software, with previous notification, if:

- The fee payment (or any other payable amount previously agreed between AboutHire and The User) is delayed by more than 30 (thirty) days,

- The User breaches any of the obligations stipulated in these Terms,

- Illegal activity of any kind is detected,

- Any bankruptcy proceedings have been commenced by AboutHire, in which case The User will not have the right to claim the reimbursement of the previously paid fee, or

- If the platform considers it relevant for any other reason.

Upon termination of the right of use, AboutHire will keep the data collected (including the video interviews of candidates), until the data owner User requests their data to be deleted.

AboutHire reserves the right to suspend or terminate the service

General Provisions

AboutHire has the right to add, modify, and make any other changes to these Terms of Use and is obliged to publish the new Terms of Use on the website.

These Terms of Use or the use of The Software does not constitute a joint venture, partnership, agency relationship or employment between AboutHire and The User, and they will not be construed against AboutHire for having drafted them.

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