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AboutHire is a platform committed to the protection of the personal data submitted by its users (Customers and Candidates).

AboutHire may collect personal data such as:

- Name and Surname

- Email address

- Contact number

- Candidate video recordings

During the video interview processes, additional information (sex, race, nationality, date of birth or any other information related to the users' personal or professional life) may be disclosed by our users, both Customers and Candidates. All their information will be documented and stored by AboutHire, including video, images and audio of the users.

By using AboutHire, the users agree to these Privacy Terms and grant the platform permission to collect, process and store the aforementioned data. The data will be stored in AboutHire's databases and will remain stored until the data owner requests deletion. 

For the purposes of its service, AboutHire transfers the Candidate's Employer-Interview data to the Employer who posted the job, including images, videos and audio uploaded by the Candidate.

AboutHire shall not disclose, give away or sell to third parties, the Users’ data, unless there is a prior agreement between AboutHire and the User.

Users have the right to access and change their data, as well as to request its deletion, except when applicable laws state otherwise. All the data collected shall be kept safe in AboutHire servers.

AboutHire is entitled to amend, adapt or change these Privacy Terms at any time and is obliged to post the new version on the Platform for them to become effective.

Any questions, comments or concerns, contact us: [email protected]

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